Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boutonniere's Galore

Boutonnieres, French for the "buttonhole flower" were initially worn to ward off bad luck or evil. They are now a fashion statement for men. The options for boutonniere's nowadays are wide as the options for anything else at your wedding...endless. They are no longer traditional, they are trendy and hip. They can either be made out of fresh flowers or be crafted by fabric flowers, paper, feathers, sea shells, pins and anything else you can think of. The style is expanding and evolving for the modern man- roses and baby's breath are the thing of the PAST. So, be inspired and find something creative and that suit's your wedding theme and the groom's style. This can be a great DIY project or you can give some idea's to your crafty friend or a florist to complete.

Here are some idea's for your groom and groomsmen, hope you enjoy!

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